dog walking tips for dog walkers

Dog Walking Tips for Dog Walkers


Everyone knows that dogs need walking. Their age, size and breed will determine how much walking they want, but all dogs will be taken out at least once per day (unless they are ill or too elderly). Of course, for many people, part of the attraction of owning a dog is to take it on lovely long walks in the countryside. Still, in the modern age of everyone in a family working, often long hours, it is not always practical or possible to do this. If you are a person who finds it difficult to fit in dog walks on the days that they work then you should consider paying someone for their dog walking services.

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Leaving your pet in his dog kennel all day is not just boring for him; it is also unkind. Dogs like to run around and sniff at dangerous ew and exciting discoveries. If you leave him in the same place all day, he is likely to develop behaviour problems and to become unhappy. Even an outdoor dog kennel, which gives him access to outside space, will soon become tiresome for him if he doesn’t get to go out as well. Luckily many people up and down the country are advertising their dog walking services.

Look on the internet or in the local papers for people advertising as dog walkers and then ask for references from some other people who are using them. These people will come to your home as many times in a day as you would like, collect your dog and take him out for a walk for however long you have specified. Often they will have more than one dog to walk and so your pet will be getting some social interaction and company as well as some much-needed exercise.

You will need to make sure that they have specific instructions such as whether he can be let off the lead, any fears he may have and whether he should be returned to the house or his dog kennel. It is also essential that they know whether he is disturbed by other dog or children as you won’t want them to get him into a situation where he ends up in trouble.

You may also find that someone advertising dog walking services are also willing to do some pet sitting for you if you need to go away for a night or maybe even longer.