doggy daycare for puppies

Doggy Daycare for Puppies


With the number of families owning a dog rising year on year, combined with a huge increase in the proportion of households where all adult members go out to work, there has been a huge rise in the number of establishments offering doggy daycare to help fill the gap in the gaps in dogs’ daily care.

Some people simply leave their dog in a large dog cage to allow him to get some exercise in a secure environment while others employ a dog walker who comes around to the house once per day to take their dog for a long walk. However, if you are looking for more wrap-around care for your pet then by far your best option is dog daycare.

A dog daycare business will generally be found on the outskirts of towns where there is plenty of space on which to build their facilities. These usually include a large, secure field in which dogs can run around freely and a building with pens where dogs can be shut in if necessary. Quite often there will also be a dog kennel or two so that any dogs who are used to sleeping in them will feel quite at home.

The are many great benefits of doggy daycare. Firstly, you can drop your dog off at the centre on your way to work or, for an extra charge, they will even come and collect him. You can then be sure that he is getting human contact all day, rather than being left home alone, and lots of time socialising with other dogs. He will be exercised, either by running around in a field or by being taken for a walk with some of the other dogs and will be played with and stimulated.

what to bring to doggy daycare

There are also lots of little extras that you may not at first think of, such as that if he falls ill he will be taken straight to the vets. The owners of the doggy daycare will also often take dogs to their annual trips to the vets for their jabs too. Also, should the weather suddenly turn cold or wet they can bring the dogs inside or put dog jackets on them? Some establishments will even perform dog care routines such as grooming, nail clipping and bathing for a little extra cost.

If guilt is what is bothering you then every morning when you leave your dog whining with a hangdog expression then go on the internet and search out your nearest doggy daycare centre.