why does mexican food make me bloated

Why Does Mexican Food Make Me Bloated


Mexican food like any other food is quite tasty and if you overeat at your favourite Mexican restaurant then you will have a bloating issue.

Mexican food is made up of lots of different ingredients. The Mexican cuisine is divided into other state and regions of Mexico.

There are also some ingredients which are native and which may not be suitable for the westerners. One such perfect example is chilli papers which come in multiple varieties each to its taste.

You can also get discomfort while eating these and it can also upset your digestive system. The digestion in your stomach can be a problematic situation for your depending on what ingredients suit your design.

why does mexican food give me diarrhea

People who have constipation problem should always choose their favourite Mexican dish carefully and also give instructions to make it less spicy as it can cause severe damage to your digestion and bloat will happen.

Onions and raw garlic used in Mexican dishes can also cause problems to the ones with a sensitive stomach so they should choose something else or eat significantly less quantity of that food.

The tolerance level of the spices in your food will determine if you will have bloating or not.

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Beans are also widely used in Mexican dishes which can also cause gas if consumed in exceeding quantity.

Some food produces more gas, and some produce less gas so you have to make sure that you know which food causes you gas and avoid that food as much as you can.

why does mexican food upset my stomach

Bloating can also because if you are lactose intolerant and if you consume any product which has lactose in it then your bloating can give you a lot of issues.

You should also avoid eating spicy every day as it can cause ulcers. Once or twice a week is fine but you need to make sure of the quantity.

If you are in a state where you have got massive bloating, then you need to fast for a bit as you have already eaten a lot of food and your body needs to digest everything, and in this process, if you eat anything else, it can cause problems for you.

I hope now you have a fair understanding of Why Does Mexican Food Make Me Bloated.